Presentation Boxes for All Occasions.

About the Boxes

Presentation Box Offers

  • Custom ridged set-up boxes – a paper box of ridged constructions formed or “set-up” ready for use, as distinguished from a folding giftbox
  • Solid Black core illustration wallboard 1/8 inches thick

Box Designs

  • Fully telescoping(Lid covers bottom box) or lid top setup boxes
  • Thumbhole cut-outs for easy opening
  • Textured paper
  • variety of colors

    [custom textured colors are available (minimum paper order required)]



  • Associated with luxurious gifts
  • Quality/Professional
  • Provides additional protection
  • Comes assembled for easy handling
  • Lends itself to orderly arrangements

Additional accessories

  • Custom Box Designs
  • Custom interiors
    • Foam
    • Satin lined
    • Velvet Lined
    • Silk Lined
  • Ribbon
  • Congratulatory insert cards

Additional Services

  • Fulfillment/Dropshipping